It’s about trust: Brent Toellner’s Aha! Moment with KC Pet Project

What can an animal shelter do without the trust of the community? Not much. That’s why transparency and accountability are absolutely required to save all the healthy and treatable pets who come in the doors of your organization. But what can you do if not only the community but your own staff and volunteers already… Learn More

What Boo-Boo Kitty taught me: A shelter director’s leap of faith

“Meet Boo-Boo Kitty. Boo-Boo Kitty is 14 years old. She’s got arthritis and she’s in the early stages of kidney disease. She’s also a happy loving cat with a great quality of life. So let me ask you, would you adopt Boo-Boo Kitty?” With those words, Humane Society Silicon Valley president Carol Novello opened her… Learn More

It’s not them, it’s us: Rethinking animal control on the Aha! journey

What is the biggest obstacle to helping more animals in the community? Sometimes, it’s the policies of the animal shelters that are supposed to be helping those same animals. That was the big Aha! Moment that drove Scott Trebatoski to embark on a journey to re-think the animal control and adoption policies of Hillsborough County,… Learn More

Innovating your way to no-kill: The Austin ‘Aha!’ journey

Can inspiration turn into lasting change for animals? Absolutely! Here’s one shelter director’s journey from “Aha!” to “Oh Yeah!”, as presented in the Maddie’s Fund sessions at the 2016 HSUS Animal Care Expo. We’ll begin with the “Aha!”, the moment when Austin veterinarian Dr. Ellen Jefferson had an awakening that inspired her to help lead… Learn More

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