November 21, 2022
Categories: #MaddieMonday

Happy Monday! Below is a brief roundup of resources added over the past week.

New monthly grant opportunity!
Starting in December, you’ll be entered to win a $3,000 grant just for participating on Maddie’s® Pet Forum! The first drawing will be in December 2022 for content contributed in November 2022! Learn More

Start community partnerships with this toolkit
To address the root causes that lead to many animal well-being issues, we need to look beyond shelter walls, (literally and figuratively) and connect with the community at large. This means partnering with food pantries, youth organizations, domestic violence shelters, and more. The Community Partnerships Toolkit from Human Animal Support Services will help you establish… Learn More

Speaking your community’s language with translation services
Want to make a better connection with your community members? Make sure you’re speaking their language (literally!) During the Open Arms Challenge, participants made big strides in understanding the demographics of their community members. Many organizations worked to translate their most popular resources into another language commonly used in their community. Below are a few… Learn More

Maddie’s® Insights: Gabapentin and Behavior Modification for Shelter Cats
In this presentation on Wednesday, December 1 at 12:00 PM PT/ 3:00 PM ET, results will be shared from a new study assessing using a standardized behavior modification program and daily gabapentin administration to treat fearful cats from hoarding environments. Register now

Maddie’s® Candid Conversation with Bobby Mann and Shakela Brown
Join us on Wednesday, December 14 at 12:00 PM PT/ 3:00 PM ET for a discussion with Humane Rescue Alliance’s Bobby Mann and Shakela Brown. They will be discussion how animal care professionals help pets in service deserts where access to care is extremely limited or even non-existent. Register now

Weekly Community Conversations
Please note that for today’s call, “Low Impact Debriefing 101: Sharing Our Stories Safely” we will be having breakout rooms which will NOT be recorded. We do ask that you be on-camera for the breakout rooms because it helps to know who we’re talking with in order to feel safe enough to share our stories. Thank you. 
Register now for the weekly Monday 11AM PT/2PM ET call for animal well-being professionals. These 50-minute calls are a collaborative space to share exciting new programs and research, discuss uncomfortable topics, connect with peers in the industry, and more, all while sharing a common goal of preserving the human-animal bond. There’s also $10,000 in grants given away each month to participants! Watch last week’s

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