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Identifying, applying for and managing grant funds

What animal organization doesn’t need more money? None, right? But here’s a follow-up question: What animal organization loves to apply for grants? The same answer probably applies! If the grant process scares or confuses you, you’re not alone. But you’re not friendless, either. At the 2015 Best Friends National Conference, Mandy Pearce of Funding for… Learn More

How to build lasting relationships with your supporters

Is your shelter or rescue group missing out on one of the most powerful forms of support animal lovers can offer, the donation in memory of a lost loved one? This Sunday is National Pet Memorial Day, a day for those who have lost beloved companion animals to honor their memories. But it’s also a… Learn More

Is your animal organization ready for Giving Tuesday?

In 2012, a new charitable event exploded on the scene: Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to the power of grassroots philanthropy and cause support. More than 10,000 organizations participated last year. Find out how your organization can take advantage of the donation power of this worldwide event in a free webinar from CharityHowTo on Wednesday,… Learn More

What HGTV can teach animal organizations about fundraising

Are you making it hard for people to give money to your animal organization? If you’ve ever watched a real estate show on HGTV and seen home stagers go through a house that’s about to go on the market, you’ve probably wanted to yell at the homeowners. Dirty dishes in the sink, unmade beds, clutter… Learn More

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Why fundraising for animals can’t be an afterthought

The only thing worse than asking your supporters for money all the time is not asking them often enough. No one wants to get hit over the head with fundraising pleas all the time, no matter how much they support a cause. But almost never asking your supporters for donations can backfire, too. There’s a… Learn More

3 fundraising mistakes animal organizations should avoid

What shelter or rescue group couldn't use more money? Unfortunately, many of them make these common mistakes in their email outreach: 1. Trying to do too much. Every fundraising email needs to have one absolutely clear request for action. This email can't catch followers up on what your group has been doing, ask for help… Learn More

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