Animal organizations experience more adopters and more time, thanks to the Open Arms Challenge

Adoption applications and requirements are often the first impression a potential adopter gets. During the 2021 Open Arms Challenge, several organizations made changes to its adoption processes and these changes brought about more adopters, foster caregivers and challenged staff to confront and talk about their unconscious biases.   Animal Harbor, Robust Program winner in Tennessee, made… Learn More

Learn more about open adoptions with these Maddie’s University courses

This blog post originally ran in early 2020. With the Open Arms Challenge starting in November, we wanted to give you a little head start.  We’ve put together two brand new courses on Maddie’s University® — Dog Adoptions: Eliminating Roadblocks to Positive Outcomes and Open Cat Adoptions: Keep Them Moving, Get Them Home. We suggest taking them both, even… Learn More

Re-thinking risk: Should we adopt cats to indoor/outdoor homes?

Should shelters and rescue groups refuse to adopt cats to homes that intend to let the cats go outdoors? Tanya Hilgendorf is president and CEO of the Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor, Mich., where she believes the best adoptions happen when you match the right cat to the right home — even… Learn More