Study: The effect of declawing on litter box use in multi-cat households

Problems related to urinating and defecating outside the litter box and living with more than one cat are among the top reasons people surrender cats to a shelter. Is that worse for cats who have been declawed? The average number of cats per cat-owning household is 2, indicating that multi-cat households are very common in… Learn More

The way shelters handle and care for cats can improve their adoption chances

Can something as simple as more frequent cleaning of food bowls and changing of water in a shelter cat’s housing get them adopted more quickly? A study soon to be published in the peer-reviewed journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science suggests that it is. The study was conducted in Austria, where it’s illegal for shelters to… Learn More

Good intentions can go very wrong when you find a lost pet

Mary Kennedy Withrow, a staffer at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, arrived at the shelter recently and found a woman standing outside with a gorgeous German Shepherd. She said she had found the dog running down her street, and wanted to have her scanned. “I would have kept her, but my other dog didn’t seem… Learn More

Taking the fear, anxiety, and stress out of animal shelters: Is it possible?

In 2009, veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker attended a presentation where veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall said something that changed his life: “Fear is the worst thing a social species can experience, and it causes permanent damage to the brain.” “I’d always thought of myself as a particularly compassionate veterinarian,” he said. “I had been exposed… Learn More

Are we really supposed to stop assessing behavior in shelter dogs?

Did a recent study really suggest animal shelters stop evaluating dogs for temperament and adoption? Not exactly. The study, authored by Dr. Gary J. Patronek of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts and Janis Bradley of the National Canine Research Council, was published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior in August. Its central… Learn More

Cat owners: Take this survey to help keep cats in their homes, or find new ones

Do you have 15 minutes to help develop feline behavior assessments to help cats find homes, or stay in the home they already have? The Feline Behavioral Assessment and Research Questionnaire (Fe-BARQ) is a survey designed by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania to provide cat owners and specialists with a standardized method for evaluating… Learn More

Comic book-style app teaches kids reading, empathy for animals

Can your children see the world from the point of view of a dog, cat or other animal? Would they more easily experience empathy and compassion if they could? A new app designed to take young readers into an animals-eye view of the world while getting and keeping their attention is designed to help children… Learn More

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