Secrets of bottle-feeding orphaned kittens

Few things can make more of a difference in an animal shelter than saving the lives of orphaned kittens, which usually requires the loving dedication of foster homes. Here’s the good news, though: Bottle-feeding these fragile little ones is easy once you understand a few basic points. In this short, step-by-step video guide, bottle-feeders will… Learn More

Introducing Flash Classes to make pet foster care easier

Whether it’s how to take the temperature of puppies, socializing an unsocialized kitten or identifying emergencies, adoption organizations and their foster caregivers want to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to handle challenges. That’s where Maddie’s Fund’s brand new — and free — Flash Classes come in. Flash Classes are short videos or presentations… Learn More

Teens with foster cat

Engaging teens to help expand your current foster program

Whether you have a well-established foster program or are just getting started, one question always remains: How can you get more fosters? Faith Wright tackles this question and provides innovative actionable ideas in her presentation of Foster Faster: Growing Your Dog Foster Program at the American Pets Alive! 2015 conference. One of her ideas? A… Learn More

Spreading the #FalalaFoster cheer is a job for everyone

Looking to give back in a meaningful way this holiday season, while bringing some magic into your heart and home? You’re in luck, because ’tis the season to #FalalaFoster, even for first-timers! While fostering during the holidays is only a short-term commitment for you, it’s the first step to a second chance for an animal…… Learn More

The winners of our #ShowUsYourFoster contest have been chosen!

We asked and you answered! Thanks to everyone who entered our #ShowUsYourFoster contest. Hundreds of entries poured in, making it that much more difficult for our celebrity judges to choose a winner. So much so that we had to extend the deadline for them, and chose 9 runners-up of both dogs and cats! Drumroll… it’s… Learn More

Show us your fosters and we’ll help you find them a home!

We believe foster homes are the future of lifesaving, so we want to show foster caregivers some big love! We’ll help your foster pets get some exposure in our Show Us Your Foster contest – are you in? All you have to do is upload a photo and some basic information about your foster dog… Learn More

Blueprint for creating and sustaining a dog foster program

A strong foster program can be the single factor that finally brings a community to no-kill. Just ask Ann Lindholm of Austin Pets Alive!, who took their foster program from a one-person operation to a team of more than 35 volunteers. In only three years they were supporting a network of over 1,200 foster parents… Learn More

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