Surprise adoption

#FeelGoodFriday: Parents fake kids out with stealth dog adoption

When it is okay to lie to your kids? When you tell them you’re going shopping but it’s really a stealth pet adoption! These parents told their three kids they were going Christmas shopping, but they actually had arranged to meet a foster dog who was out on a field trip with her foster mom.… Learn More

Foster field trips

Study: Can foster field trips improve welfare in dogs?

Can just a few hours outside the shelter make a difference for a dog? Data from an ongoing study suggests foster field trips can help improve welfare in dogs, increase adoption chances and create other advantages for the organization caring for the dogs. Here’s the background: About a year ago, Austin Animal Center received a… Learn More

smiling dog

Study: Save 5 times more dogs, cut costs and improve health in your animal shelter

Short of finding a magic wand, there’s really nothing better than foster care programs for boosting lifesaving, cutting costs and improving health in animal shelters. Unconvinced? Check out the results of a study just published in the peer-reviewed journal Animals, “Factors Associated with High Live Release for Dogs at a Large, Open-Admission, Municipal Shelter.” The… Learn More

dog kiss

How to keep interactions between foster dogs and children safe

Have you considered fostering a dog, but have children and wonder if that’s a good fit? You can easily set your family up for success! Just follow a few simple guidelines and educate your children on how to properly interact with your new foster dog. These guidelines can found in our four-minute Flash Class, Keeping… Learn More

This app can help take your pet foster program to the next level

Could your shelter or rescue group’s foster program use a hand? Maddie’s® Pet Assistant (MPA) is a free app for mobile phones and tablets developed by Maddie’s Fund® to help animal shelters and rescue organizations provide support to, and communicate with, their foster families about the pets in their care. If you have a foster… Learn More

Kitten watching webcast

Go all-in for pet foster care with this free webcast series

What are you doing on Thursday evenings in March? Whether you’re looking to start a foster program at your shelter, or give a boost to an already-existing foster program, Maddie’s Fund® has a webcast series for you! That’s right: We’re going all-in on foster care, including foster programs that have worked to get more dogs… Learn More

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