Up your animal organization’s social media game with free guides from Nonprofit Technology Network

The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) has teamed up with nonprofit social media expert Debra Askanase to develop three free workbooks designed to help mission-driven organizations develop and implement a social media program for their organization. Askanase is the founder of digital consulting firm Community Organizer 2.0, specializing in online strategy and digital engagement for mission-driven… Learn More

Instagram has new tools that can help shelters and rescue groups. Are you missing out?

Instagram has been changing. Is your shelter or rescue group getting everything out of it that you can? Earlier this year, Instagram began making changes designed to appeal to businesses. It created new “business profiles” similar to and connected with Facebook pages. It added analytics called, just like Facebook’s, “Insights.” It created a “Contact” button… Learn More

Pinterest analytics for animal shelters and rescue groups

Does your animal organization use Pinterest? If not, it might be time to try. And if you try, be sure to use Pinterest’s analytics to make sure you’re getting results that will make your time on the site worthwhile for your organization and for the animals. Most rescue groups and animal shelters use Facebook, and… Learn More

Facebook’s little-known weapon against spam and unwanted comments

Did you know Facebook has a tool to help stop spam and trolling comments from ever hitting your Facebook page at all? If not, you’re not alone — many organizations have no idea how to use Facebook’s moderation settings to keep inappropriate comments at bay. One reason you may never have heard of this tool… Learn More

A deeper look at Facebook groups for animal organizations

The last thing you may want is another social media account to manage, but Facebook groups can help shelters and rescue groups do things Facebook pages can’t — or at least, not as easily. Facebook groups are typically organized around an interest, theme, or project. In animal welfare, they can be used to work collaboratively… Learn More

The social media hashtag: If all you do is build it, they won’t come

Probably the worst advice ever given in a major motion picture is this: “If you build it, they will come.” At least, it may work on ghosts of old-time baseball players, but it doesn’t work in social media. Just because you have a Facebook page or Twitter account doesn’t mean you’ll get results. You have… Learn More

Because you can never have too many beautiful pictures of cats

What do you do if it’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month and your social media accounts have nothing to share? Borrow some graphics from our funded Shelter Pet Project, of course! These are resized for display only; here’s how to save them to your computer or mobile device: Click on the image to display at… Learn More

How shelters and rescue groups can use the Facebook Pages management app

Have you ever tried to manage your shelter or rescue group’s Facebook page via your smartphone and find yourself frustrated that you couldn’t do what you needed to do? With Facebook’s Pages management app, you can — or at least, mostly. The free app is available for both iPhone and Android, and gives you most… Learn More

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