Resources to save shelter cats’ lives

The Million Cat Challenge is a partnership of Maddie’s Fund®, the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida, and the ASPCA®, formed to help shelters save the lives of 1 million more cats. It is based on five key initiatives which bring forward those approaches that have… Learn More

Taking the fear, anxiety, and stress out of animal shelters: Is it possible?

In 2009, veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker attended a presentation where veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall said something that changed his life: “Fear is the worst thing a social species can experience, and it causes permanent damage to the brain.” “I’d always thought of myself as a particularly compassionate veterinarian,” he said. “I had been exposed… Learn More

Webcast: Treating parvo at home with outpatient support at the shelter

Is canine parvovirus a problem in your community? Are many dog owners unable to afford hospital care for their pets with parvo? Would your shelter like to do more to help, but lacks the resources to hospitalize them? A recent study at the Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA), funded by Maddie’s Fund®, demonstrated that outpatient care for… Learn More

German Shepherd dog using a laptop

Is stress undermining your pet adoption efforts?

Are dogs and cats in shelters developing health and behavior problems because of stress? And does that make adoption more difficult and less likely for those pets? Yes, says board certified veterinary behaviorist Dr. Sheila D’Arpino. On January 14 and February 4, 2016, she’ll be presenting free webcasts on how stress is sabotaging your pet… Learn More

Beyond spay and neuter: Getting the most out of shelter medicine

Is the missing link to saving more lives, relieving animal suffering, saving money on general operating costs and boosting community goodwill hiding in plain sight in your animal shelter’s spay/neuter clinic? Shelter veterinarians are not just a set of hands to perform surgery, give vaccines and treat emergencies. They’re a powerful source of experience, knowledge,… Learn More

How to bust myths about community cats with science

Ever feel incredibly frustrated at the picture anti-cat advocates are trying to paint of cats? So is Peter Wolf, and he’s dedicated his life to doing something about it. He first created a blog called Vox Felina, where he methodically deconstructs misleading media narratives and bad science. He’s now added the position of Cat Initiatives… Learn More

Webinar: The science of social media for nonprofits

If your shelter or rescue group needs to improve its online fundraising and cause awareness — and who doesn’t? — then they can’t afford to turn their back on the science of social media. If your only exposure to social media is sharing pets who need help, family photos and rants about issues of the… Learn More

What animals shelters need to know right now about canine influenza

No one in animal welfare or veterinary medicine can have missed the news about the outbreak of a new strain of the virus that hit Chicago and nearby communities in the last month. This is the first time this strain has been identified in the United States. What does this outbreak mean for the dogs… Learn More

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