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When working with animals becomes too much: Online help for compassion fatigue

One of the greatest obstacles to developing animal welfare leaders is the very thing that brings people into the field in the first place: compassion. Unfortunately, unless people who work with animals learn how to keep themselves emotionally healthy and balanced while doing this important work, they’ll be at high risk of leaving their job,… Learn More

Unleash your animal lifesaving potential with Maddie’s Executive Leadership Fellowship

How would you like to spend twelve months receiving one-on-one training from leaders in Austin, Texas, America’s largest no-kill city? And then leave with the tools and training to implement the model in your own community? With Maddie’s® Executive Leadership Fellowship, you can! The Maddie’s® Executive Leadership Fellowship is an intensive professional opportunity for individuals… Learn More

Creating a culture of continuous improvement at your animal shelter

“How many people think an animal control officer would be capable of heading a no-kill initiative for a city?” That’s the question Vincent Medley, Executive Director of the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia, posed to the audience during his session at the Best Friends 2016 Conference. While many found it hard to believe,… Learn More

How to put your skills to work for the animals

If you want to help animals but don’t have the time to physically volunteer at your local shelter or rescue organization, what can you do? Look no further than your resume! There are plenty of ways you can help just by utilizing your natural talents. Whether you’re a tech-savvy social media maven, an introverted writer,… Learn More

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Got community cats? Best Friends has a book for you – free!

Community cats: If you’ve got them, Best Friends wants to help. They’ve written a book covering everything from the ABCs to the rocket science of community cat management, and they’re giving it away as a free download! Topics covered include: The history of the TNR movement The importance of leadership Who in your community is… Learn More

How to use email to increase donations to your animal welfare organization

Is it possible for animal organizations to increase their revenue from email by 80 percent over the previous year? Absolutely. Just ask Sue Citro, chief digital officer for Best Friends Animal Society. In her presentation at the 2016 Best Friends National Conference, Citro shared how they increased their email revenue a whopping 82 percent year… Learn More

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