Catch-up with the No Place Like Home Challenge huddles on Maddie’s Pet Forum

We are halfway through the eight, great Return to Home (RTH) huddles! If you’ve been unable to attend all of them or simply want to connect with other Challenge participants, head on over to Maddie’s® Pet Forum. Our kickoff huddle focused on organizations embracing the culture of Return to Home. There, one of our panelists, Ed… Learn More

What if we called Return to Owner something else?  

On a recent Community Conversations call, Return to Owner (RTO) expert, Gina Knepp, posed the question, “What if we call RTO something else?”   When we make changes to the names of our organizations and programs, or shift the language that we use in messaging, there can be a transformational effect. By simply changing our own terminology, there… Learn More

Today is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day!

This year has been a year unlike any other with historic levels of foster and adoptions from shelters. Our animals, whether permanent residents or just passing through as foster pets, have served as plus ones to Zoom happy hours, provided much needed companionship and entertainment in this unusual year. Let’s honor our pets with Celebrate… Learn More

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One easy way your animal shelter or rescue organization can get some marketing help

Could your organization use some extra marketing help, for free? If you haven’t heard of HeARTs Speak, look no further. HeARTs Speak is a nonprofit organization whose work shines a light on animals in need and improves adoption rates by increasing the marketing capacity of time-stretched, under-resourced organizations. They offer free design tools, plug ‘n play photo… Learn More

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How a foster field trip saved this nine year old shelter pup

Maddie’s® Foster Express Challenge called on participating shelters to focus on short-term fostering to help get more dogs and cats out of the shelter during the hectic holiday season, get them more exposure and attract new foster caregivers. We’ll be sharing exclusive interviews on Maddie’s Pet Forum as well as on the blog with several of… Learn More

Turn your foster caregivers into master marketers with this quick online course

With more people stepping up to provide foster homes for pets, marketing foster pets from their homes has never been so important. Some shelter and rescue organizations are still conducting adoptions virtually with a socially-distanced handoff, so being able to capture a pets’ personality through photos, video and words is key. Our new Maddie’s® University… Learn More

Use these graphics to recruit foster caregivers

Is your animal shelter trying to recruit foster caregivers among the COVID-19 chaos? The Shelter Pet Project has created some light-hearted graphics to help you do just that. Feel free to use the graphics below on your social platforms to spread the word about fostering. (Just right-click, save to your device and then upload to… Learn More

How to safely get shelter pets into homes right now

Emergency foster care is a critical tool for organizations in crisis.  It can increase an organization’s capacity, reduce strain on staff and help them better care for animals. It can be implemented by organizations in crisis and by those helping these organizations. Whether you’re a government shelter or a rescue organization, emergency foster care can… Learn More

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