Advances in pet databases can help your shelter or rescue group get more pets adopted

The technological revolution of the last 25 years has had a profound impact on the animal welfare industry. Things we now take for granted, like websites that display our organizations’ services and adoptable pets, pet-search databases such as and, more robust and easy to use animal sheltering software solutions, and the rise of… Learn More

One easy way to reduce a pet’s length of stay at your shelter

What can reduce a pet’s length of stay in your shelter or rescue from 43 days to 14 days? A great adoption photo. Maddie’s Fund® has just launched Maddie Talks, a series of short (less than 10 minutes) motivational “Ted Talk” like videos created by animal welfare professionals and meant to provide inspiration and equip… Learn More

Simple ways to revamp your shelter to increase adoptions and community support

What can you do to help project a more positive image of your shelter without spending a fortune? “Plenty!” said Denise Deisler and Makena Yarbrough in  “A Fresh Image: Increasing Adoptions and Community Support by Revamping Your Shelter” at the Best Friends 2016 Conference. “It’s not about money and resources, it’s about being creative with what… Learn More

3 apps to help your shelter or rescue create more sharable graphics

Working with a shelter or rescue group, you likely know the power of a good, sharable photo or graphic on social media. But most people in the animal welfare industry do not have a background in photography or graphic design. If you can find a volunteer or staff member with the skill, fantastic — but what… Learn More

Is your pet adoption group making this terrible website mistake?

Forget where’s Waldo; where’s your shelter or rescue group? If you’re like most people, you have Facebook and other social media connections all over — former colleagues, people you went to school with, connections you made online, friends who moved away, family in other states or even other countries. Now, consider these questions: Does your… Learn More

Instagram has new tools that can help shelters and rescue groups. Are you missing out?

Instagram has been changing. Is your shelter or rescue group getting everything out of it that you can? Earlier this year, Instagram began making changes designed to appeal to businesses. It created new “business profiles” similar to and connected with Facebook pages. It added analytics called, just like Facebook’s, “Insights.” It created a “Contact” button… Learn More

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